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Thread Is this latencey and how can I fix it ?

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1 Is this latencey and how can I fix it ?
When song writing, I use imported drum loops.
I will write a verse or whatever with a loop, guitars and some bass.
Next, I import a second loop for a chorus or bridge etc. add guitars and bass.
I contiue this process until I have 1 good verse, chours, and other parts recorded and then cut and paste my brains out to arrange the song.

What I'd like to do is once I have the drums all programmed, I'd like to ditch all guitars and bass and re-record them as a single take each. This eliminates that choppy sound when transitioning from part to part.

Here the problem:
When recording a guitar or bass track as a single 3+ minute take, it sounds great as I lay it down, but when I play it back its all out of time. Its starts out great at the beginning of the song, but the further into the song I go it gets progressilvely worse and by the end of the song the track is out by several measures.

Is this latency at work ?
What can be done to fix it ?
P.S. This occurs in both Cakewalk and ACID software.

Thanks in Advance
With some help from Beagle here's the fix:

Your software and sound card must be running at the same sampling rate.

Cakewalk can run at 11025 Hz, 22050 Hz, 44100 Hz, and 48000 Hz. The default 44100 Hz

My Sound Blaster Audigy soundcard can runs at 48000 Hz.

Changed the sampling rate in Cakewalk to 48000 Hz and all is well.

Nice to know.