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Thread Cubase error at start of program

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1 Cubase error at start of program
Hey I'm quite new to recording digitally and I get this error when I open cubase http://www.imagestation.com/album/pictures.html?id=2112144268&idx=9 thought maybe someone here could give me an idea whats causing this and how to fix it. Thanks for you time

I was surprised at the error when I clicked on the link. :D

Seriously, though, that error message means it's looking for the copy protection dongle.
Heh yeah I didn't exactly mean for it to happen like that ... all though I'm sure ya'll appreciate it ... Jennifer Biel I believe her name is, is gorgeous. Anyhow could you translate that error into english for me? I can't begin to underdstand what that means. Thanks
Yeh, I appreciated that error all right! :lol: Where'd it go? :cool:

Cubase comes with a usb copy protection dongle, a small blue doohickey that you plug into a free usb port. It's usually included in the box whenever you purchase Cubase. Without the dongle, Cubase won't run at all. The picture to the right of this screen shows you what the dongle looks like.
Oh that would explain it :mad: Good idea on their part but .. guess I'll choose another program :P Thanks for the help anyhow