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Thread Dropouts driving me crazy!!!

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1 Dropouts driving me crazy!!!
Please i need help.

Im using Sonar 5 PE on Windows XP. Im using a Tascam US-122 Audio Interface.

The problem im having is whenever i try and record audio into Sonar via the audio interface.
I always seem to get dropouts when i use Guitar Rig II in Sonar 5, whenever i try to record guitar. When i start to record the CPU bar stays between 10% and 17%.
But as i get say 30 secs into recording the CPU bar will shoot up into the red and a drop out will happen. Everytime! Its driving me crazy! I just feel like like giving all this home recording stuff up as a bad idea!
I have my internet connection, virus software running as i use Sonar. I disable the screensaver etc, but i still get really bad dropouts.
Im not sure what to do next.

Maybe its the US - 122 soundcard. Everybody seems to think it isnt all that its cracked up 2 be.

Just a little advise to point me in the right direction would be good.

thanx 4 the help. appreciate it