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Thread Reason 2.5 sees, but won't play, MIDI

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Topic Reason 2.5 sees, but won't play, MIDI
I've been using Reason 2.5 for some time, but one day it stopped allowing me to play MIDI from an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 on a Mac G4 Powerbook. I can select the keyboard in 'Preferences', but pressing its keys has no effect. I have the problem on both new songs and old saved ones. I've deleted and re-installed Reason, and the M-Audio keyboard has no driver to reinstall. My keyboard works fine with Cubase; the problem only exists with Reason. My MIDIServer crashed around the time that the problem arose but, as I say, the keyboard is fine with other programs. I could print the crash log if it would help anyone to give me advice. There are no new MIDI drivers on my machine. Has anyone had a similar problem? Do I need to stripe my hard drive?
have you looked at the devices midi panel they should all be ticked green