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Thread need to know info about Voyetra

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1 need to know info about Voyetra

I have had Turtlebeach Voyetra Record Producer Deluxe software for just over a year. It was great piece of software and did what I wanted as far as MIDI and multi line in etc.
My major complaint is they are rude, they are inconsiderate and they are ripping people off. I paid the $80 U.S. for the Box version of their software. I bought a New computer and now after I install the software and enter the CID# it tells me I have to register to get software ACTIVATED. When I try to ACTIVATE, it denies me. I worte an email to them asking them to reactivate me, they refused and told me I had pirated sofware and I must be on my friends computer and the License was for ONE computer and ONE Hard drive and if I want to be re activated I need to purchase another license. I worte several emails and was treated rudely and told T.S. I went to their home page and went to CONTACT US, there was only a SALES phone number and when I called it and asked to be connected to a person that could help me, I was treated rudely andtold "we are all aliens here"
As of yet they refuse to re activate me, I have sent copies of my invoice, where it shows I just purchased it in April of 05, it doesn't matter.
Beware this company is rude and will not reactivate you when you ahve had to re format hard drives, changed computers, or upgraded or evn buy a New Hard Drive. All other software that I have has given me zero problems. Voyetra is now a worthless CD and their Customer Serivce is the worst.
Spread the word, keep away from Voyetra