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Thread I Need To Know A Software So I Can My Music

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1 I Need To Know A Software So I Can My Music
I need a software so i can record my music at home i have tried mixcraft but only a trial so i need to know another software so i can really start recording at my own home instead of going to an expensive studio plz Help!!!!!!!!!!
i picked up cubase se (the cheapest version) for about $100 about a year ago and i'd have to say thats its probably the best and cheapest way to go if you havent purchased a softwarebased daw before, plus its upgradeable. If your looking for something free try Audacity (search for it in yahoo or something). Its pretty low key but it gets the job done and should hold you over for a while
Voyetra Record Producer Deluxe $60 - The easiest to use. Audio/MIDI sequencer. Wave editor is great. *** It doesn't support VSTs ***. It doesn't have envelopes.

REAPER $50 - This baby rocks. Audio/Midi sequencer, envelopes, supports VSTs failry easy to use.

Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus - Great recorder. The plus version has audio sequencing ( wave file, loops, etc. but no midi sequencer ). I have used their smaller 8 track recorder. Very well designed. Snappy as all heck and oh so easy to use.

If you want to make music from scratch, I would recommend taking a peak at REAPER. The envelopes are indispensible and you can do just about anything you want with this guy and you don't have to spend an arm and a leg. If you want to record, go with the Acoust Labs Multitrack Plus. For their price, these are the best on the market. And believe me, I evaluated about 20 packages and these are the easiest and best for beginners. Good luck.