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Thread Having trouble with FL studio 6, help please

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1 Having trouble with FL studio 6, help please
Ive been using this software for about 3 weeks now and its great, but theres 1 problem. When I put all my loops together on the playlist the timing isnt always right because the bars dont actually stick to eachother like they did in FL studio 4, so I have to zoom in and do it all really carefully which consumes too much of my time, is there a way to change this?

Sorry for my bad english, Im from Denmark.

Thank you!
There should be a drop down screen in the top right showing the placement time... click on that and if it says none then change it to "line" i hope that solves your problem
actually look below the actual timer and ull c the word none click it and then click something else like line and WULA problem solved