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Thread Acoustic Musician Seeking advice - Zoom MRS-8??? -- Multitrack OR cpu?

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1 Acoustic Musician Seeking advice - Zoom MRS-8??? -- Multitrack OR cpu?

I am a fairly experienced musician. I play a Martin DR acoustic guitar. No pickups, just guitar and vocals. I'm getting back into songwriting after about a 2 year layoff. I am seeking advice on a new recording setup.

I used to record using a tascam US-122 and two Condenser mics - One for vocal and one for the instrument. I used the cubase LE software that came with the US-122. I liked the setup; however, I lacked a good place to record. Where my computer is located in my house has sub-par acoustics. Anyway, longs story short, I sold the stuff because I needed money.

Fast forward...

My desire is this... I want a setup that is portable, professional sounding, and something that I can incorporate drum loops into.

I realize that my first option is to go back to the US-122, and purchase some drum loop software. The reason I prefer not to do this is I dont like the acoustics in here, and I also want a more portable option. I use a desktop.

OK, so my next thought is a stand alone multi-track recorder. I have my eye on a Zoom MRS-8. The fact that it comes with a drum and bass machine is very apealing. The problem I have with this device is that there is only one mic input that does NOT have phantom power. The unit comes with a built-in condenser mic, but I don't know how good that would really be. I also have fears that the drum/bass synthesizers with sound, well... over synthasized. I realize that as a solo artist there are things I need to sacrifice, but I don't want to produce something that sounds like the title track to a shopping experience at TJ-Maxx.

AND, I forgot to mention I am on a budget (who in music isnt? )

My ideal setup will cost right around 350-375 TOTAL.

Can someone who has more experience with multi-track recorders give me some input please? I'm trying to go as portable, economical AND professional sounding as possible. If multi-track recorders aren't so great, than PLEASE tell me. Talk me into computer based if that is the direction I should stay.

My ultimate goal here is of course what everyones is... Produce a quality sounding record... something that can be considered more than a demo I guess.

Any help/advice is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GREATLY appreciated!!
Dont.. I repeat.. DONT get the zoom mrs8, i had one and the quality is just not good, if you want to release your music, or get it out there in anyway and have it sound professional, your going to need a computer program, or really expensive portable equipment, but i would say the cheapest option is the comp and some programs, i know it sounds really expensive, but if you get portable things, espescially the mrs8, to make it sound any good, you are going to have to buy a crap load of vocal enhancers, and different little tidbit in order for it to sound any good, but as i said, i had the mrs8, and sold it to put towards a computer.. trust me a comp is the way to go.

I would say the only thing an mrs8 is good for is just stuffing around and getting ideas from your brain into music quickly.. thats it

Hope this helps
I really appreciate the input.

I have now talked to several people telling me the same thing you are. I think I'm just gonna wait until I have some more cash in January and work up some sort of computer setup.