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Thread Best VST Plugin Reverb???

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Topic Best VST Plugin Reverb???
Hey all,

I just recently created a separate station for mastering and mixing in my studio. I tried a mix using Cubase SX 2.0, and while I love the automation and total recall features, the VST effects (especially the reverbs) I have for it are bland and seem to have no depth. I'm used to using SPX90s and Quadraverbs.

Could any of you recommend some good VST reverbs, delays, compressors, and pitch changers that sound comparable to an outboard effects unit? Are there any that have a GUI that looks like an outboard effects unit?

Thanks! :)
If you have Reason and Rewire, you can actually use Reason's reverb tools, which are actually fitted into a virtual rack. The reverb is surprisingly smooth and rich, as well as inexpensive, especially considering all the other goodies (delays, chorus, distortion units, all very flexible) that come with Reason.

Pitch changing in Cubase is quite powerful, so I'm at a loss why you wouldn't prefer to use that. Can't make any other recommendations there, sorry.
Can you use the effects in reason for the audiotracks from eg cubase as well??