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is cubase sx 2 midi channels limited to only to 16



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New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 09/27/2005 at 11:23:53
i have been using cubase vst 5 for years now and is happy though now its a little limited.
i recently have been running a cubase sx2 for the last 2 weeks
and its a good for what it does.

my situation is this, when i was using vst 5 i can easily add more than 16 midi channels.
can some one please tell me how to change the midi channels to more than 16 in cubase sx

i have bought the book s. millward and try to read the manual pdf but none actually show
the user how to add more ports

this is another silly question, is cubase sx only limited to 16 midi channels?

my sound card is emu 0404 2in and 2out
i use only vst instruments and no external

please can anyone help
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