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Thread Freeware

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1 Freeware
Does anyone knoe of real good place to get free but good virtual studios, with these functions (can be separate programs, but the most togeather the best)

Voice extractor, (to remove voices from music and eather keep only the voice or only the music)

Voice recorded (a good voice recorder)

Karaoke sort of recorder (records music and voice putting it togeather like an original song)

Makes disco, techno... sort of music, where you can add the bang on slow music making it a boom boom tuning car sort of music

Preferebly if they can save in mp3, midi or other file formats readable to windows media player....

Any other virtual studios you think great too please tell me!

I apreciate your time and paciente

Thanks a lot

Sheara :lol: sheara@netmadeira.com
I don't know about freeware, but for your need I prefe cooledit pro. It is not expensive if you buy it, but you can get it elswhere ;) ;)