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Thread Pro Tools vs. Cubase/Cakewalk etc.

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1 Pro Tools vs. Cubase/Cakewalk etc.
Hey folks,
Just working on figuring out my studio setup. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations as to using Pro Tools or Cubase/Cakewalk etc.? I have heard that while Pro Tools is industry standard for a lot of things, it isn't the best when you start integrating MIDI into the setup. I figure I will be doing mostly MIDI, although some audio recording/editing will also be done. So I was wondering if rather than going for the M-Box should I go for another audio interface (such as the Edirol U8-25 or something) and Cubase? Anyone with experience or advice from both sides would be greatly appreciated.

I'm using Cubase for recording and for midi editing. I have halion 2.0 vst for halion files, giga sampler vst for gig files and reason rewired with cubase.
Dear Chardo,

I have been using cakwalk for a while now and find it very friendly and comfortable to use. I have become proficient in using it and would recommend it to you or anyone for that matter. Having said this I would say that most of these sequencers basically function in almost the same way since they are designed to accomplish specific tasks. I think you should use that program that u are most comfortable with and proficient in.

A lot has been said about protools as being the industry standard at this point in time and I must say that also at some points in time cubase and cakewalk were considered industry standards, so I will still ask you to go with whichever sequencer you are most comfartable with and proficient in as the term "Industry standard" is a pretty dynamics one and depends a lot on the research and new developments undertaken by the varoius software manufacturers.

As for the soundcard issue, I use a terratec EWS88MT and it has been pretty reliable so Iwill advice that any high end soundcard from a reputable manufacturer will do, the issue is likely to be your budget.

Anyway I hope that you make the right choice for you and will like to know what you resolved to do and how you progress from there.

pro tools requires the hardware to function, so purely from a cost POV I would go with pro tools. I have worked / work with both and I can honestly say that there is nothing that can be done in pro tools which can't in cubase.

At home I am still using cubase LE - I have no need to increase to SX. My point of view is that you should stick with one piece of kit and get used to it. Its not always about having the latest / best stuff. Try and work with both and see which you prefer!

Without question I will recomend Cubase SX. It will incorporate all of your MIDI work seemlesly. I have worked with all of the gear you mentioned and Cubase by far is more reliable and Pro.

Good Luck