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Thread Band Recording

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1 Band Recording
Ok im sure this is posted ALL the time but i dont have enough time to look through everything. I have a band and we need to record individually. When i hook up my guitar to my amp and my amp to my comp (through a 1/4 to 1/8 sterio jack adapter) it sounds crappy! Does anyone know why it sounds so horrible or any other recording programs that are free or any info that might help me?
It sounds crappy because you need a speaker simulator. Guitar amp speakers are far from being high fidelity. They cut some frequencies and accentuate others. If you take the signal directly out of your amp and record it it usually sounds like a bad fuzz.

So your choice here is either to get a speaker simulating device or to use a microphone in front of your amp!
Speaker simulators sounds bad. (my opinion) You'll need mic infornt of guitar amp speaker, than connected to preamp and than to your computer.