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Thread Realtime Revalver on a virtual studio like cakewalk

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1 Realtime Revalver on a virtual studio like cakewalk
Hi There!
I have been experimenting with Revalver Live - an AMP simulation
software, and my guitar.
This sounds cool all right. But I haven't found out a way to use Revalver
to process live guitar input (when invoked from within Cakewalk/Fruity-Loops or SoundForge) and output the processed sound to the speaker output (just like it does in standalone mode - i.e. invoked directly and not as a plugin from within another software).
Basically, it makes a lot of sense to hear what you are playing, when you try to record a track.
Appreciate any help!
I have used a freeware VST ampsim called GREENMACHINE II, and Steinberg WARP, both have performed wonderfully for me.
This is where I found it: 8)

If you don't mind paying for one, then AMPLITUBE is favored by many of the musicians I have compared notes with on amp simulation. It can be found at this site:

Thanks guys.
I have tried out Amplitude though, and it seems good.

I do still wan't to know how to use these VSTs "Real time"
I have been able to do post processing on a pre-recorded wav file,
but what I really want is this -
+ You are working on a multi-track recording/sequencing software like cakewalk, and you add a new audio track as input from your guitar connected to the MIC
+ How would you add a VST like amplitude/revalver/green machine to
process the guitar input apply the effect and output the track thro the
speakers "real time" as you play, along with pre-existing sounds in other tracks
This would mean you are virtually playing with a physical AMP and other guitarists/drummers etc and are able to hear the music instantly.
Appreciate any help!
Not hearing effects has been a problem for some virtual studios. When I used Guitar tracks PRO I couldn't do it. I recently switched over to SONAR 3 Studio Edition, and they added a button to add all effects (amp simulation, reverb, whatever) to your sound while playing, even though the track printed is dry. You may want to ask Cakewalk, but unless there is a button to add the effects I'm not sure you can do it.
Many of those real time amp sims need ASIO drivers for your soundcard. If you have an older Soundblaster for example, without ASIO drivers, you won't be able to use the effects in real time. Reason being ASIO drivers drop the latency to a point where it would be possible. otherwise, you'd hear your guitar a bit after playing it, making multitracking very difficult!