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Thread Hi i keep getting this annoying crackle/pop noise.....

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1 Hi i keep getting this annoying crackle/pop noise.....
I use cool edit pro to record my guitar, and usually its fine. i record stuff in blocks and loop them then attach them all together so It sounds like 4 or 5 guitarists.

Lately sometimes when I record stuff, when the block starts playing it'll make that annoying 'pop' sound same kind of sound you get hwne you turn something on or when you touch the end of your lead. Its really annoying and even remains there on the mix down. Strange thing is that it hasnt actually been recorded. i tried just going over one of the areas with silence, and it was still there. it just comes up every time it starts a new block (each block is a sample I suppose)
Hi there

Check if you have full acceleration on your screen. That has a tendency to crackle in the audio

Martin Nielsen
I get the same problem too usually I adjust the sync settings within the host application in my case Acid try it trial and error after all. ( but darn I wish I had a better system!!!)
Also, check to make sure that your buffer length is adequate for the ammount of stuff your running... you can usually check this under the preferenecs menu. Crank up the buffer and see where the crackling stops.. you should be OK. The "crackle" is most probably the soundcard buffer under-running the ammount of stuff you're throwing at it.