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Thread please, help with a USB Card and laptop

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1 please, help with a USB Card and laptop
Hello guys. :(

First time in building a mobile studio using USB and need your help.

I have bought an M-Audio USB Card; the Duo, due I wanna use it with my Satellite Toshiba Laptop P20 and build up a mobile studio - The problem now is that there is a lot of hiss noise from my speakers, the analog output from the DUO goes direct to the tape input from my Sony amplifier and from here to my JBL Boxes. Another problem is that Fruityloops does not run at all. I haven´t tried yet with Samplitude and T-racks which are the software I always used with my Desktop PC plus plugings.

Please can you help me in order to get this working.

Many thanks in advanced.

if you are runing any pcmi cards in your laptop make sure you pull them when you are doing recording,as well you may want to do a partion on your hard drive and use your 2cd drive just for music stuff.after you do that go through the windows services and diable all non related features,if doubt turn them to manual.then go to device manager and disable all perifauls,like printer and external drives.things that are not related to recording.while your there go to your hard drives and click on properties and check the write enable on.then go the advance tap under system properties,then preformace properties and check adjust for best performance.under that same menu go to advance tap,and on the very bottem you'll see virtaul memory click change and set a new number value of at least 1500.once all thats done you should be pretty well set.good luck.matt 8)
if your audio card is pcmi,thats not the route you should take,for budget purposes the sound blaster extigy is a very awsome piece of equipment to use for recording,pcmi cards will always relay a hiss because of the power source and ground. 8)