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Thread Old tapes/WOW

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1 Old tapes/WOW
I have recently been going through about 2 years worth of cassette tapes and putting them on my hard-drive to burn to CD. I just installed a CD burner in my PC, and downloaded a freeware program called GoldWave to actually record and tweak the songs. WOW, after some slight tweaking and burning to CD, I have a 17 song disc that really sounds pretty damn good. I recorded all the songs on a Boss BR-532, then ran them onto cassette, cause that was the only set-up I had at the time. I cant wait to start mixing down directly to the hard-drive now.
Yep Goldwave is the shizz....

I have been using it for about 3 years now.....cool program.

Oh...I also just started usung my PC as a multitracker.....WHOA!!!!!

Joey B.
what programme are you using for the multitrack recording?