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Thread equalizer

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1 equalizer
i record music using cakewalk sonar 1.2, i don't know if this program has an equalizer included, but what i need is a preferably free equalizer software, you know, to edit the highs lows middle, and stuff like that, or if i can do that on cakewalk sonar 1.2 could someone tell me how? thanks
You should take a look at this page:

It'a list of direct x plugins. Theer are a few freeware eq's in there.
in sonar you can double click the track you want to eq and it will give you an expolded view of just that track, from there right click your mouse and it will give you ALOT of options from deleting the track to 2 different eq's.

Also go the the console view, the middle of each track(between the vu meters and the level meters) is a black blank space, right click there and it will let you add effects real time including parametric eq's,.

Hope this helps you