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Thread Cool Edit error

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Topic Cool Edit error
I have a little problem..till recently i was using win xp professional and Cool Edit was functioning normaly there..but now i have win 2000 professional, and every time i try to start Cool Edit (pro 2.0) a window appears telling me that Cool Edit has created errors and will be closed by windows :shock: it also says that an error log had been created.i don't understand why, because it installs normaly..well i hope someone has had the same problem and got rid of it.Thank you for your help..i realy need this program to work :!:
perhaps it is not compatible

you should check the info on their website maybe
I already got it..apparantly if you update windows with service pack 4 :adobe auditions or cooledit greater than 2000 doesn't work..there are some websites that have a patch for this problem, but i tryed that first and it din't work either...then i tried reinstalling win 2000 and i didn't install any updates..just cooledit...and to my surprise it worked.it also works with all service packs lower than 4..i'm thinking of getting mac in the future..but i don't have enough money to aford it yet...this sux, cause unupdated windows don't work very well..BTW on adobe websites they don't have any information on this error..also not on microsoft, so if anyone else has this problem, don't try to fix it now, cause i already wasted a lot of time..wait for some propper patch.

peace, raq

There are some good links on the Adobe website (forum) about optimizing your PC. I've had some similar problems with CEP Pro 2 also, and am working on it- when I get some time! I'm working a lot right now... but I believe that if you stop at Service Pack 1, you should be allright with all that. Now, maybe that's just true with Win XP, so don't hold me to that for 2000, though 2000 and XP are similar in some ways.

I know a guy who's using Cool Edit Pro 2 with '98, and he reports no problems. If you find a system that works, stick with it! Just passing that along... updates aren't necessarily what you need, and if you're catering to that idea with your system change, you might want to reconsider and not move "up", as it were.

I'm thinking, myself, of moving back to 98...
hello guys, before anything sorry by my english i´m spanish...
i was in that situation with the cool edit pro. recently it just dont work, but i repair it installing another version of ffdshow concretly ffdshow-20020617 it now works!. just i register here to write it, if it help someone i will be happy XDD