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Thread what's the best for recording

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1 what's the best for recording
what's the best software for recording real instruments and vocals? and will i need more than one software if want to add any computer generated music to these recordings? thanks

the best software is always the one you know how to use and feel comfortable working with..

check this link and get familiar with the basics:

Try reading some of the magazines, like http://www.computermuswic.co.uk or Future Music. These magazines come with demo versions of software packages too. Most of them - such as https://www.cakewalk.com - offer demo downloads too.

Just try to not get into a trap where the technology is hindering your production. The software that allows this is the software for you.
I would definitely recommend Cubase (as you've asked which is the best, rather than which is the most cost-effective!!) I found it pretty tough to use at first, until I discovered the excellent tutorial information in the help files, which takes you through everything you need to know to record and mix audio. Very cool software indeed!!!
i have cubase.....but i dont know how to publish the song after im done........ill apreceate if u can help me with it.....i won da whole recording studio on da rap contest