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Thread i need programs that have at least a free trial

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1 i need programs that have at least a free trial
i need some programs that is either free or at least has a free trial for at least 30 days i am looking for one where i can get a song like mp3,wav.mid,midi or whatever file off my cpu and wnating to put in sound effects and such to save to my cpu
i DONT need one where u hook up ur instrument to your cpu to make music and such

all i need is a prgram that i can have for at least 30 days where i can get music from m ycpu such as mp3s and such to make remixes as by putting sound effects in and so forth

if you know of any pelase let me know by private message or replying to this message thank you

hey im new here, first post :P. you might want to check out http://www.flstudio.com FLStudio. the program functions perfectly forever minus the save function. you can export all of those file formats you were speaking of also.
i tryed that one and saving is disabled for demo version i wanan be able to save what i create during the free tiral to see hwo it plays back and such