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Thread use reason 2.5 for hip hop?

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1 use reason 2.5 for hip hop?
i want to buy a software synth for hip hop production. reason 2.5 is a good choice? or a software sampler is better? thx. :D
i am an avid user of reason and i love it. the program is so versitile and can be used to create any kind of music conceivable. reason also has two samplers built in not to mention a great sequencer that is capable of automating just about every perameter of reason. the only downfall of reason is that audio can not be recorded to it. but that doesnt mean that you cant export your songs to wave, aiff or whatever platform you wish then move it to a recording program i.e.- acid 4.0, or just about any cakewalk software. or you can rewire reason to your audio software which is basicaly making reason a softsynth with lots of different synths. to sum it all up, reason is the way to go.
i use reason as well.. i have no for almost 8 months. I have one thing to say about it- f'ing amazing. I came from fruity loops, which is also a fantastic program, but lacked the sound quality that i desired (ok, so i'm anal.. i admit it. :P ). I use Reason as a ReWire client through Cakewalk 3.1 producer edition. i use both interfaces to create my tracks, using the reason interface to handle the Dr. REX loops and pattern related material.. and cakewalk for "live" midi recording for VST output. You can also use Cubase SX for the same stuff, but I personally prefer the interface of Cakewalk.