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Thread can I add/edit effects while mixing? (Cool edit? Pro Tools?

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1 can I add/edit effects while mixing? (Cool edit? Pro Tools?
I'm using cool edit for mixing. Whenever I want to add effects (or EQ or anything else for that matter) I have to take the track to the waveform edit screen, guess at all the settings, then go back to the mix and see if it all sounds good together and try again. What I'd like to know is if there is a way in cool edit to preview the entire mix -- all the tracks -- while adding effects or EQ or whatever, like I can with real gear. Or can you do this with other software like protools? In the waveform editor you can only preview the track you're adding effects to and have no indication of what it will sound like with the rest of the tracks. For example, I have the kick drum on its own track. Oftentimes I will get a good EQ in the waveform editor, but it will sound too muffled (or too papery, etc.) when played along with the full mix. I'd like to be able to play the whole song and tweak the EQ on the kick drum on the fly, so I can hear where it fits best in the mix. Same for effects, especially reverb. There are so many reverb choices and setings that getting the one that will be right for the mix is a terrible chore without hearing it all "live" while adjusting/selecting reverb. I suspect I'm out of luck with Cool Edit, or is there something I'm missing? Does anyone know if I can do this with other software, like ProTools or Garage Band?

Thanks in advance,
The fx implementation of Cool Edit is not exactly up to today's standards where you can hear real-time adjustments to parameters with most audio software. However, Cool Edit's present incarnation as Adobe Audition now gives you that ability. Pro Tools certainly gives you that capability but it is Mac only and the plugs are rather pricey. Garageband is also Mac only but within reach of most. I'm not aware of its realtime audio mixing capabilities, however.

What you need is an audio sequencer that can do realtime fx and possibly automation. Like I said earlier, Adobe Audition is better for you as are most sequencer apps on the market such as Sonar, Cubase, and Logic for the Mac.

Hey whats up?
I know exactly what you mean, I've been using Cool Edit for about 2 years now, and for a while this exact issue really bothered me.
Here's what you can do.

-On the MultiTrack View find which track you want to add the effect to.
-Now, right beside the level indicator there is a button called "Out 1"
-Click on that and that will take you to a screen that will allow you to create a bus.
-Click on "New Bus"
-Add the effect(s) you want and then hit "Properties"
-Mess around untill you have the settings the way that you want.
-Hit "Apply" then OK

Now you can listen to the entire track with the effect that you just created. You can also asign this bus to other tracks by hitting the "Out 1" button and selecting "Bus A".

If the effect is to harsh for your liking you can adjust the Wet/Dry settings by clicking on the "Bus" button at the top beside the "vol" and "EQ" buttons.

100% Wet means that the effect is at 100% IF the effect is too harsh try and bring down the wet abit or even jack up the dry abit.

Hope this helps, Cool Edit Pro is a great program, it doesnt get enough credit. Learn how to use it and you will love it.


P.S.- You can do the same with EQ.

Just click on the "EQ" button at the top and double click on the Lo, Med or Hi. That will bring up an eq settings window that is a hell of a lot easier to use then the Waveform edit view.


Even a simple, "Thanks" would suffice sometimes.:/