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Thread Can anyone recommend an easy software program?

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1 Can anyone recommend an easy software program?
I'm new to computer-based recording but I'd like to find some software that's fast and easy to record with. I'm not looking to make a perfect-sounding CD, but rather get ideas down.

I play guitar, bass, and sing...so in a perfect world, I'd like software that has a lot of drum loops already installed so I can start up a beat and then create my songs. I'd also like a lot of preset effects already built in for vocals and instruments so I can easily try out different sounds. I really don't want to have to create my own effects every time I do something.

I'm a Mac person, and while I've seen Logic Express and Pro Tools, I simply don't want anything that's too overwhealming or else I know I'll get scared off. Who knows, maybe Garageband is for me?

If you have any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks- :?:
ive heard garbageband is good.

maybe pro tools free? it runs 8 tracks. very simple and easy to function.

Quote: ive heard garbageband is good.

maybe pro tools free? it runs 8 tracks. very simple and easy to function.

Garageband is quite good and I've heard that it comes free with every new Mac purchase, including the Mini. They also come with a couple of gigs worth of loops although I don't know if that still applies now. With the new Apple/Intel partnership, are we going to see Garageband for PC? Let's wait and see...

Yes, Protools Free is limited to 8 tracks, but it runs only on Mac OS 9 or Windows 98SE/ME; it will not run on newer OS like OSX or WinXP/2000. Plus, PT Free only supports RTAS plugs that were developed for it. VST fx? No way. DX fx? Nada. So be forewarned.

I recommend Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/), Acoustica (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) or any of Sonic Foundry's products (Acid, SoundForge, etc.)(http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) to get started. That's what I got started with and I'm very comfortable using all of them. I would recommend testing out a few and see which one you like to most. For me, Cool Edit Pro (www.syntrillium.com) is the best all-in-one software you can use...it combines all the good stuff from Acid, SoundForge, and Fruity Loops (which is another good one, especially for beats).

In my opinion, it's all personal preference! Go and try some of these progs...get your feet wet. That's the only way to do it.
I've used all the above, and 2nd Cool Edit Pro (you can grab a copy off of ebay with Acid 4.0 for $100! Been listed for the last few weeks)

Another one that I use, but don't have loops or midi, is the Kristal Audio Engine. It's free, can do 16tracks, uses VST effects and ASIO. I think it is the best free audio app out there, and combine it with Audacity or the Sound Engine Free wave editors you can have a FREE setup to get your feet wet with. With ASIO4ALL or the kx project drivers you can get some really low latency.

Good Luck!:cool:
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