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Thread EDIROL VSC and Sonar 4

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1 EDIROL VSC and Sonar 4
Hi guys,
Recently I installed Sonar 4 and noticed that It doesn't contain EDIROL VSC and I have bunch of projects using that.
How can I manually install it? (Of course without installing Sonar 3!)
I don't like the preset settings that came with TTS1 for drums sounds...
I just upgraded to Sonar 4, and needed VSC for my files too. I had Sonar 2 on an older computer. Here's how I installed it.

-copy the "Program FilesCakewalkShared DxiRoland" folder from old Sonar installation to same location on Sonar 4 machine.

-run notepad (Start | Run... then enter: notepad) and enter this exactly (4 lines, without line break in the HKEY line):

"Description"="EDIROL VSC"

-save the file as "vsc.reg"

-from command-line (Start | Run... then enter: cmd):

cd "Program FilesCakewalkShared DxiRoland"
regsvr32 Rvi01Dx.dll
regedit vsc.reg (click Yes)

-start Sonar, and VSC shold be installed.

Since these steps modify the registry, use at your own risk.