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Thread Cubase and E-MU ASIO problem

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1 Cubase and E-MU ASIO problem
Hi, I'm Running cubase VST32 since long time, For external MIDI devices, I have a lot of plug-ins instruments, But I never had the chance to use them because of the quality of the sounds( they are choppy/ like static noise with latency). Someone told me that My PC isn't that fast. So I upgraded it to a fast one ( 2.0 ghzCPU, 1G RAM, 80 G hard drive...)and an E-MU 0404 soundcard.I solved the LTENCY problem, But theQUALITY problem remains. The MIDI devices run well. But the VST instrumentsquality not. Anyone can help me with configuring the SOUNDCARD( they said it's one of the best cards). I need an expert please help.
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