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Thread Damn Cubase sx

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1 Damn Cubase sx
I was doing on a song allmost all day. I made whole drums (sampled), whole bass line and all synt. (all sampled sounds) Than I saved my work. When I want to open it again it sad about some error. And now I CANT OPEN IT AGAIN. :x :cry: :x :rolleyes: :? :x :cry: :!: :evil: :x :cry:

Best thing it'll be if I forget the whole song idea.
dude that sucks, try restarting your computer. i just got cubase sx, in your opinion is it a good software?
I'm a bit new here on the forum but I think I can help you with your problem. When this happens to me it usually crashes on a certain VST effect or something of that nature. All you need to do is do a "Show Package Contents" on the Cubase application and find out which of the effects is causing the problem. Simply take it out of its folder and try again. It also may be a bad file in your pool you need to take out. The error should tell you which file it is crashing on. I hope I could help... And if you could, take a look at my problem I have posted. Thanks.
also if you have two versions of cubase installed, (SX 2 and SX 3) but would go with the vsts as the problem, as this has happened to me. I use SX 3 and it does not like some old VST's.
can ne 1 help me?
wen ive written sumthing in cubase i play it but wen i minamize cubase it stops i dont know weather thats ment 2 happen. but when im using re-wire i can only hear what ive done in cubase nothing plays when the reson box is up
if ne 1 could help i would appreciate it