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Thread Cubase 4 export tracks as wave, starting at zero.

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1 Cubase 4 export tracks as wave, starting at zero.
I need to export all the tracks from Cubase so that they are all lined up at zero. The person mixing these songs is using Protools and needs the files not as Cubase files, but as wave files, all consolidated and starting at zero. How do I do this? Please help! Nobody seems to know.

Thanks - G
It's actually quite simple, but a little time consuming. Just export each track from the beginning of the tune till the end (even if that track doesn't last the whole song, it will just have silence where there's no sound, but since the track will be just one piece, it will align with all other tracks exported like this). This way, the person importing the tracks will just start everything at zero and it will all line up.

Does this make any sense to you?
There is a handy little bit of software that automates the process kon-tiki describes -- it's called MEAP http://www.meap.biz/

it's been written by a user who was disgruntled that Steinberg flat out refuse to listen to their customers and add this feature to Cubase.

It takes a little setting up but, once working, it'll mean that you can go do something else while MEAP does the mixdown of all your individual tracks.

It's not expensive and gives you free upgrades for life...