Nomad Factory Free Tremolo
Nomad Factory Free Tremolo

Free Tremolo, Software Tremelo/Vibrato from Nomad Factory.

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yoTrakkz 09/14/2011

Nomad Factory Free Tremolo : yoTrakkz's user review


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The Nomad Factory is a free plug in that comes with the bundle. The Bundle comes with Free Sweeper as well. A lot of top artist that have won Grammy’s over the years have used these plug ins and they stand by them just search it and you will see. You cant beat the sweeper tremolo and phaser of Nomad Factory, they are extremely easy to use and get running. You will have no issues down the line with them either even when running them on different computers and with different digital audio workstations. Because most people are like myself and use a few different softwares and don’t stick with just one. Plus we take our plug in’s to all of our different softwares as well. The Tremolo Factory Free plug in will work with any of your popular digital audio workstations that are on the market today.


I ran the Nomad Factory Free Tremolo on my quad core pc with digidesign pro tools mbox 2 and it works great, never had a single issue with it and do not at all regret my decision. Plus the Nomad Factory Free Tremolo doesn’t take up much cpu. That is what makes it so great is that it’s a great plug in that can run on any digital audio workstation but we all know what its like to run a lot of plug ins at the same time it can make things choppy and mess up your work flow even if you are using ASIO drivers. But the Nomad Factory Free Tremolo doesn’t hog up your cpu, it barely uses any!.


Overall this is a great plug in that any musician needs to have, The Nomad Factory bundle is great and you can get it almost anywhere on the net , its very popular. You cant go wrong with this, try it out.