Boss Micro BR-80
Boss Micro BR-80

Micro BR-80, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Boss in the BR series.

Mr.viv 07/12/2013

Boss Micro BR-80 : Mr.viv's user review

«  A perfect resort for bosser his guitar! »

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I had this week, I explored its features, knowing that I already knew the EBAND function since I was a JS8 before.

I sold my JS8 few years ago and I wanted to buy me one today because I realized just how useful it was to me to work my instrument .. (Professional)

After research, when I learned that the BR 80 had the same functions as eBand JS8 but had the size of a large smartphone and could run on batteries I have not tried, I have finally led to this model that overcharged JS8/10. Less bulky, can play in the backstage with headphones, no need AC outlet .. perfect.

The finish is very good and solid, it is super lightweight and fits easily into a guitar case.

At the eBand function and guitar sounds they do not have to blush! I use Eleven Rack on stage and bosser home on this little device does not have any problem, it is even the first time I see the factory presets that sound good on this type of device! The edition of presets is intuitive, many effects available, it is very good.

[Contrary to what was said in another comment (ordurieux and little objective) distos are unusable if a little paufine its settings, tested and approved on a guitar ... € 300. (But this comment has no value so the author has discredited having fun in the copy / paste in comments on all videos BR80 on canvas) It may be that the guitar peak slightly (The one day ' peakait have used a little because it is equipped with Emg Steve Lukather), you just need to lower the "Record Volume" of the guitar input, not decrease the volume of Cab or amplifier as said in another comment ..]

In addition, the "Center Cancel" function to remove guitar from a song track works very well overall. (A mention of live tracks, but studios pieces ca going well in general)

Ditto for the idle, to transcribe or work a little too fast solo function, it does not damage the piece.

Function A> B looper quickly part of a song is also very easy to use. (on the other hand it does not work on the MTR, it works on eBand)

I once used the MTR function to discover the possibilities of the device before writing this review, the function itself is very easy to use, the only downside is if you need to remove a portion of a guitar track a specific timer because there is no visibility on its tracks and recordings, it takes more or less set the timer to the second pressure to cut or you want and ditto for the timer cutting finishing ..

I advise people to rebuild their decision overcharged that take the lead in placing the battery timer stuck at that ..

Regarding the live rec I do not yet have not served as a good acoustic guitar record, but I've seen the video of a guy who plays the dobro and singing that make good microphones. To see what happens at home ..

For options that do not serve me, but it is worth mentioning the effects of voice, harmonies, compression or modulation (can plug a microphone into the guitar / mic input In, there is a switch to choose between the impedance of a guitar or a microphone, thinking has provided a jack / XLR adapter for micro) and even effects and a bass amp for our friends.

There is also a line input in to send a keyboard among others there ..

I am very happy with this purchase, I do not think I'd be as happy, it is a perfect platform to really work ..