Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder
Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder

Micro BR Digital Recorder, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Boss in the BR series.

NecroSado 12/02/2006

Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder : NecroSado's user review


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Input Jack 1 / 4 (Guitar or Bass), Microphone, Input 1 / 8 (stereo).
SDCard uses specific brand (128MB included)
Can play the 4 track simultaneous (in addition to built-beatbox)

Many options compared to the number of buttons (inevitable given the size)
Main functions accessible
Full manual type "For Dummies" (also inevitable given the size of the screen)
You quickly get used to the operation.

The microphone is very convenient and strength can be adjusted.
Many effects, but they are not configurable. (This is not the goal anyway)
Many beat of drums included, but again, it seems impossible to create new ones.
Must rewind to each record

I use it myself only last a day, but I am already very comfortable with the operation. I bought it to help me cope, and it succeeded very well.

I like the microphone, I can turn down the volume of the entrance so as not to "peek" during practice with my band (its hard), or up to record my voice through the microphone at the same time as the guitar input jack 1 / 4.

Indeed one can record with 2 inputs at once (like guitar and vocals), but it will not be recorded on two different track but on a track that mixes the two entries. It is of course possible to adjust the volume of each of the tracks.

To the beats of drum integrated, there are several but not really for playing death / black metal, not even a blast beat, which is a small negative since it is what I play. I will happily solve this problem by importing a drum track to a computer through its USB port. There is just the metronome works with all styles. We can adjust the speed of it.

I bring my band practices, he entered very easily into my jacket pocket with his little leather case, and returned home I could easily compose and repeat.

Other negative points, it looks very fragile and dirty with each use. And the batteries last only 2-3 hours, so I advise you to buy a power cord.

I also have a computer with a sound card Delta-66 (4in/4out), I wanted something more portable and can easily be used to hold the ideas on the fly, recording practices, and also call without disturbing person (with my headphones while my son sleeps, compared to playing on an amplifier with a microphone in front of my computer connected to ...).

I think it is worth the investment, which incidentally is not that high.

I read half the book, and I already found it worthwhile.
Given the reason for my purchase, I am fully satisfied!