Alex081 06/05/2008

Edirol R-44 : Alex081's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
4 channel portable recorder numrique SDHC card up to 32GB.
Trs compact (18.3 x 15.7 x 6.1 cm) and lightweight (1.3 kg with battery and SD card included).
Format: WAV and BWF of 44.1 192KHz 16-bit or 24 (limit 2 channel 192KHz).
Connectors: 4 inputs with combo XLR-Jack phantom power supply (individually selectable) and 4 RCA outputs, SPDIF In / Out, USB-2, Headphone Output, 2 HP mini Intgr.
CONTRL possibility of recording a 2D R-44 via a sync jack.
2 omni mics for recording Intgr Stereo (sound of good quality but gnrent of breath)
Power: Plugged or 4 LR6/AA (4H maximum autonomy with alkaline APRS to the doc), or external battery (9-12V Voltage paramtrable).

Self-test with 4 batteries 2650mA (x4 Phantom power supply ON and Limit): 3h21min

Neither taken nor SMTPE Lanc.
No MIDI or MP3
For more dtails, link to brochure (PDF, English):
I put 10 as a single product yet.

Using very simple and fast.
Manual paper relatively clear and comprehensive (too bad mine is in English!) + Paper guide making his destination beginners (paramtrage positioning of microphones and the R-44).
Navigation is fairly intuitive and the menus paramtrage ais plthorique despite the number of possibilities. The instantanment changed are applied and remain in memory.
Rglage Gain and the level of individual wheels by (2 per channel), limiter and low-cut.
Rglage output level only for monitoring with headphones HP Intgr otherwise fixed level-20dB.
Prsence 6 "Effects" numriques, finely paramtrables, recording or during playback: 3-band EQ, 6-band Graphic EQ, Noise Gate, Enhancer, Comp & DeEsser Mixing and MS. Using both a single effect, not mmorisables. (No effect at 192KHz).
I put 8 because no slider to adjust the gain / level a couple of microphones in Stereo using a single knob (rglage individual only) and limitations of use of effects.

The converters seem great: No breath and no noise at current; Reproduction sounds trs Fidler: tests on sax, bass and piano, the dynamic delights me: I have the impression of be there! Be careful though: I have no exprience in the field and this is my first audio recorder: I think is not critical, not having enough of hearing or of references to compare with objectify ...
But real pros seem excited about this mini recorder (see link ... all in English:, 103270.0.html (,103270.0.html ) ).
I put 10 because I am There's probably better transport, but I did not need more!

I've had one week, so I just used that day trs.
I prfre: the wealth of potential as a recorder compact (about the size of an open hand ... for 4 channels!), Built TB (appearance pro trs solid) and lightweight: To me the recordings in 5.1 thanks the conversion of 4.0 live!
What I like least: No carrying case supplied as with the R-4 is mean! And I'll be forced to buy the height of the SNB microphones!
Report excellent quality-price product as unique today: A real product a pro rate amateur!
I do it again this choice without hsiter!

Off topic:
Petit message destination modrateurs: The R-44 is not in the correct CATEGORY product: it should be included in the "Recorders / pocket", such as R-4 (that in fact it replaces) and R-4 Pro, and not in the "Multitrack numriques / DTD". Thus it is certainly not consulted by most of those who compare portable recorders.