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AlanForPresident 05/08/2012

Korg D4 : AlanForPresident's user review

« for a guitarist  »

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The Korg D4 is a four track digital recording device with some pretty simple effects that are built into it. Its not really a pocket recording device though. Its just too big to carry in your pocket, but if you have a book bag or a larger purse you can certainly carry it around with you. You can record two tracks at a time, its sort of like having a multitrack recorder with you wherever you go. All of the info is stored on a CF card because it has no built in hard drive to safe stuff on which I think is a downfall. It should have atleast some sort of a small built in memory so you can save stuff on it, most similar devices do have one but this one doesn’t.
The interface of the Korg D4 is the selling point, there really isn’t anything going on that you cant see right from looking at the front of the device. Forget all of the submenus that most devices have because they arent in the Korg D4. You can also plug in a footswitch and use it to be a trigger. With the style of effects that it has is mainly for a guitar player though, if I would have known that before purchasing I wouldn’t have gotten it, I am not a guitar player at all. Which is why I ended up reselling it back to the store because I kept it longer than 90 days and could get a full refund.

But the Korg D4 has the must an solo buttons that you ned to really get to work on it, if you are a guitarist this is perfect for you to be able to record almost anywhere. It has everything that you need, But like I said keep in my it’s a flash memory card. So if you don’t have one of those you will need to get one or this device will be useless for you.