Marantz Professional CP430

CP430, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Marantz Professional.

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Oliviercool 10/07/2009

Marantz Professional CP430 : Oliviercool's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
J'cris a new opinion on this wonderful recording, the record does away with having the forums, opinions and advertisements contained taient associates. Well, not a studio or a handheld recorder but did not see "Portable Recorders" on AudioFanzine, I put in the "Recorders / pocket" is the cat the nearest category.

In the era of its release (80 - 90), it simply rvolutionnaire silent. Indeed, the only tape recorder c'tait laptop with dbx and Dolby B type 2 Intgr silent and dot with a range of battery operation or battery exeptionnelle. Is empty: the Systm audio cassettes had the advantage of being somewhat nergivore. Thanks him and his dbx, I was able to by virtually all of his time taken incredibly close to CD quality although this is that the cassette.

It is also an incredible ergonomics: the seen-meters and rglages important as the manual recording level on the front directly accessible to the eyes and fingers of the soundman, the buttons rglage sensitive part being protected by a small transparent, with a peak limiter dbrayable it silent even a quip rglage end of BIAS, a variable speed, d a 3rd read head and a speaker Intgr (too low power - some would watts supplmentaires ts welcome but good). In addition, it is equipped with a MPX filter for direct recording from the radio. Perfect for journalism - interviews - taken from his music outside. Unbelievably universal. Just a pity that there is no decision as tlphonique ago on some other models of mono Marantz PMD222 like but hey, we can not have everything ^ ^

Well, now I have a portable DAT recorder, the Tascam DA-P1 but:

I never make bones taken in its exterior as mcanique fragile (actually, I use it well and truly in collection outdoor space but only on an AC outlet)

Significantly more for a quality slightly better, the change does not also rvolutionnaire

Not so great battery life: 2 hours max, battery-Owner 'over the market.


Well, now, technology has volumes. Indeed, currently, the time o the computer has become everywhere, portable recorders have replaced the flash card for portable DAT:

More than one pice mcanique so much stronger and more reliable - and more noise and / or engine vibration Entran

More band jamming

Accs direct: no need to bamboozle - rewind the tape

Quick and direct transfer from the recorder to the computer via USB or FireWire as the MODEL: no need to numriser and / or in real time TRANSFR

The flash cards are becoming cheap to Go


The replaceable direct CP-430 is also the Marantz PMD-670 and the PMD-671 (version 24-bit 96 KHz) but I can not buy me or buy me a home the competitors primarily because of their autonomy amlior not much (yet it's Flash, it is not hard!). In addition, the micro pramplis Marantz is not the height, you have to buy a portable microphone prampli Sonosax SX-M2 such that the price side of the recorder in order to make it interesting.

In other words, this wonderful recording tape is difficult to replace trs. Indeed, it is an excellent compromise between quality CD and trs autonomy of battery operation for a price drisoire, used nine Obviously since we can not find it. Well, mine is trying to make me (all he APRS vaicu ^ ^) but I am in no hurry to replace it because I am much less taken with his outside that before. Indeed, I am more oriented studio or concert recordings.


DBX type 2 Intgr rare!!

Battery life

This is a 3 heads (1 erasure - a record - one reading)



Weaknesses (except that the audio cassette, empty):

No XLR inputs: a recorder of this quality it's really too bad.

No decision softphone

Speaker Intgr a little weakling


To date (January 2009), to replace him, there is only one mobile numrique tempting me though is the Edirol R44. Well, its independence is still not the height (4 hours is too much just yet) but it is a 4 channels of CompactFlash is trs musical he parat.

Another variant of this model:

Marantz CP-230, dbx version without head and without 3rd CP-430 / PMD 430.