malpwoppwodukchunn 07/09/2013

Reloop Tape : malpwoppwodukchunn's user review

«  that good »

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I use it for the month of July

This is the first time I buy this type of equipment

Plus: For connection, nickel is also just a small wait when inserting a USB stick for the first time in the Reloop tape, As long as there is a good sound source it works well even with a cassette tape recorder, for my part I plugged a VESTAX PMC-03A, the REC / OUT outputs.

The least: Fault On / Off button, there is only one set (full) cable, if you want to make a connection there THRU is at your expense, but is worse, STILL!

We will not cry for good quality at this price.

I do not regret having purchased 100 times I would buy if I had the chance