MGR/Jason Presley 11/01/2009

Tascam DR-07 : MGR/Jason Presley's user review

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This unit is orangish-red and looks great. I've been playing guitar and keys for years and I'm always looking for something to nail down ideas with, hence the purchase.

I bought this for $169 from Musician's Friend. As noted above, I needed something small and portable to sort of keep with me for the purposes of recording ideas when they come to me - you know how that goes. You never have anything nearby when creativity strikes.. :)

Super convenient. The unit records 24-bit wav or mp3 files to SD cards or SDHC media, there's a pair of stereo electret condenser mics with auto gain on the inputs. The sound is really high quality.

The 2GB included SD card is not big enough. It's a nice thought so you can start playing with the unit, but as soon as I opened it, I ran out to Best Buy and got a 16GB card. Why mess around, right?

Tascam builds good gear. I used to have an old four track from them and got years of use. This things seems to be constructed the same way - solid - as in it might be able to take a few drops here and there. Let's not try to test that out though.

Great unit, great price. Can't complain. It sounds great, it looks great, it works great, and aside from the cheap 2GB SD card that comes with it, it's a hell of a unit. What do I rate it? 4 - nothings perfect. hahaha.

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