Zoom H4nSP
SampleScience 08/09/2012

Zoom H4nSP : SampleScience's user review

«  a very good purchase »

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I use the Zoom H4n for about 2 years and so far I have very few negative comments to make about him. Side price / quality ratio I think is the best device of its kind on the market, the sound quality is simply stunning, the sound is clear and detailed and there is virtually no unwanted background noise. Crystal clear! The only drawback is that if one does not put the microphone boume there are little sparks (or pinging) sound that seems due to the static (or at least it is similar to the static).

I made several long recording times with the H4n and I'm also served to record acoustic percussion. With this device I have made some bookstores its high quality commercial. I also recorded a choir in a church using a tripod, this is the only record that I was somewhat disappointed, the main reason being that the H4n is not doing to capture the sounds of a single direction, it really is a "field recorder", its use to record instruments or a live band is not ideal because the device will also capture all the ambient sound in great detail. It is still possible to record instruments in a controlled environment, the sound quality is so amazing!