Zoom H4nSP
voyard 11/02/2014

Zoom H4nSP : voyard's user review

«  Very well but sometimes too much is too much ... »

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I have the last few months. I have an Olympus LS11, a Zoom H2n, a Zoom R16.

What I like most or least: Plus, the quality of the microphones in an XY position, the only feasible on such a device outside the MS couple who both allows a good stereo. In my opinion, please do not use pseudo couples A / B (Olympus LS11 and other Tascam DR-07 MK2 or other DR40.

Q / P is acceptable in the sight of functions available, but I do not use them all. I am primarily a hunter sounds, birds, traffic, industrial sounds, various soundscapes, atmospheres markets, but also quite taken my batteries "over head" position. Taking its quite up to par.

The least. Its size and weight, its sensitivity to wind (do not buy all these devices without a windscreen of Rycotte type ".

Restitution soundscapes and stereo image are perfect! Its ergonomics are a bit special but we made it. No risk of noise contacts, even walking to the condition put in his hand, not to keep it.

My only regret too full and a tool such as the H1 would perfectly satisfied me in terms of controls (sufficient) and their accessibility, but without the flaws that seem to characterize.

For the future? A more compact H4n and a little simplified in its overcrowded and sometimes useless function. To models, nothing beats a true multi R16 or R24 ​​guy?