Zoom H4nSP

Zoom H4nSP : Anonymous 's user review


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What I find particularly magical about the Zoom H4n is that it just works. I do not actually own the product, but I know a bunch of people with them because of their popularity, and man, do I want one. The Zoom H4n is a portable recorded with two very high quality condenser microphones built into them, and it has two inputs for line or XLR in the bottom. What I find particularly beautiful about this thing is the simple fact that it is so portable. No, you’re not getting the best sound with the thing, but it is still far better than lugging an entire setup around to record a couple of things like traffic or rain or anything else you can think of. In fact, I want one of these just because of the enormous capacity to record environmental sounds and its sheer convenience will ensure that an idea will never be missed again! To be fair, Zoom’s documentation and menu system are not the greatest things in the world, but you quickly learn to forgive that when you realize that this product is not designed to be particularly intuitive in its operation. All it is particularly designed to do is to get you hitting that big red button fast. And once that button is hit, you have captured everything you need for an idea, or if you even need to quickly plug in a couple of microphones to record something of higher quality really quickly, then this is a great tool. If you are not worried about actual sturdiness or sound quality, this product is frankly a whole load of overkill, but if you want something that can get your creative juices flowing and something that will be there with quality when you need it, the H4n is definitely for you!