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Don_Viviano 04/11/2006

Dean Markley GT-1000 : Don_Viviano's user review

«  Worse than the Marshall MS2, mine broke and more! »

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Value For Money : Correct
It's a mini amp 2 watts, while transistor, Obviously!
A headphone jack, a knob for tone, volume, and Normal / OD
Possibility to play with battery or transformer 9volts classic.


Trs simple, but the sound is dgueu (bond, the price ....)


I lug around everywhere, he fears nothing.
The clean sound is almost non-existent, there's not enough volume to play! OD saturates trs sound much, but it has enough volume to play. The sound is dgueu, as I said dj. I use it with pedals for distortion, and it's nickel, its fate enough to play anywhere and his buddies without pater le neighbors.
3 / 10 without pedals
10/10 (for the price) with my Guvn'or


Ben sail it is solid, it does not ring with one of distortion pedals (not too violent, I tried it with MT2, it was hard the poor!).
For the price it's cool. Today I dplace less than before but it has served me well, I shut content.
Report honnte quality price, we do not expect better or worse).
[edit 16/05/2010] He broke for no reason, no fall or anything, he just dyed overnight, I do not understand. I bought the Marshall MS 2 way, 10 more, but I find it better. I note down the coup, the solid part of the CRITERIA of choice for this type of amp!