Electro-Harmonix Freedom Amp Reissue
Electro-Harmonix Freedom Amp Reissue

Freedom Amp Reissue, Portable Guitar Amp from Electro-Harmonix.

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jpl510 06/23/2006

Electro-Harmonix Freedom Amp Reissue : jpl510's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
Amp transistors, 15w, 12v battery;
volume, tone, dick (gloss?)
1 input jack, an output pre-amp (6.35), 1 x 18v charger (included), a selector on / off / charge

One load or we play (self-6h 4) but not both at once

All wood and almost closed (air communicates at the handle attachments)

It is well made, sturdy, but I can tighten a few screws and improve the joints (part of amp box and back plate) to avoid vibration at high volume (because the guy is powerful!)


For the manual, well there's no or almost, but enough is enough;
To get started, volume and tone in the middle, cock mini ... and I use it almost always like that.

It carries many (including behind my scooter) and weighs 8kg.
I play and often works on accompaniment patterns, and to "add" entries, I use a mini mixer Passive DOD240 (4entrées - 1 output - 4 volume buttons) on which I plug my guitar and the two stereo channels My CD or MP3 player

The competition offers more inputs and effects but the sound does not please me, so ...

9 because, anyway, a line that would not be luxury!


I play jazz and bossa;
I usually use a Polytone Mini Brute IV with a Gibson ES165 and more recently a Yamaha AEX 500NII (nylon) for ranges, rehearsals and travel.

With Gibson's really good (but of course it's not the Polytone .....) As it tends to feedback on the grave, we lower the bass on the guitar and a little on the amp .. as with the Polytone ..
With the AEX 500NII (same color wood ...) is even better, but I said I use a pedal ADI21 (Behring) to prevent the cracking of the piezo and "warm up" a little sound.

He's by nature a somewhat "serious" (difficult to define), but also very clear and clean and it suits me perfectly;
The "bite" (use sparingly) gives shine but increases the cracking own the piezo

In fact it is an amplifier that amplifies point! and he does pretty well. You can always add effects and can connect to a PA

10 because to the price and size, what else?


I was looking for a small and rather self-noise amplifier (I'm pretty hard on that and I can not play on the amps so-called "electric" full of effects and presets) to play outside, on vacation and in the street (an old dream!)

A little experiment with a Pignose (mas nice grunche it right away and you have to like, and only ... 5w) and I finally ordered the Freedom Amp after hearing a classical guitarist to use it outdoors. I use it for 1 month.

The Day the music I finally played in the street with my Yamaha, + a sax and a singer (and I assured all the rhythm!) The sound was great (they told me several times), more than enough volume and no distortion (in fact, I do not know if we can saturate!) and I'm really happy with my purchase

Bought € 199, it's well worth; Bon ben 10 because I'm happy :-)