Ibanez IBZ10G
Ibanez IBZ10G

IBZ10G, Portable Guitar Amp from Ibanez in the IBZ series.

Fenomen 05/18/2005

Ibanez IBZ10G : Fenomen's user review


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The amp is a ibanez IBZ10 travel transistors possdant 5 knobs: one master volume, gain, bass frequencies, a medium and a Tremble
all accompanied by a small button "Boost" for engaging the distortion ....
and that's it, it does not much, but on the other hill is an amp travel! It is just the minimum!
Level connections, it was a Jack and a headphone output that can s'avrer practice.
I put a 4 is not much, but I know we must relativize! I do not see why I metterais a 6 or 7! This amp has only the bare minimum!
Dlivre power level, in his clear, ca fons mouth too, but the saturated one wonders if it really is a 10 W! (This may be my pdalier AX1500G Korg multi-effects (one of the best quality-price) which boost the total)


Good with this type of amp is not too complicated to have a "clean", but it depends on what is meant by l. .. (This is not a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier for either! Still happy!)
There are too few rglage to get lost in! Compar my Bandit II 65 W at Peavey ca change!
The manual is well done for (APRS to what I remember), there are examples of settings, but this is not a novel (the amp does not have much there so CHARACTERISTICS not need 36,000 pages dcrire use).


Okay, now we go to things srieuse! SOUND!!
In clear, that sounds pretty average, actually it depends very much on the guitar .. With a Yamaha RG 121U, it sounds "normal", with a BC Rich Beast Platinum Pro Bourrin is not terrible (although the latter has a blues sound on my Peavey attaching trs)
In distortion, it's not great either, just drinking (relativize all the same), I explain:
When working alone in his corner with the volume knob too hard, it's going ...
Ds but it is pushed too far, you realize its limitations! the amp starts to jog alone because of the vibrations low lol! It's pretty funny to see! But it's been a lot of noise at the same time! lol!
A large volume (between 6-10) with the gain lev plutt we feel that the bass are struggling and are in acute frquences dsagrables.
In fact, the problem comes from the speaker that is small enough (but it was his practice ct) and PForm sounds.
Please note the sound qu'met IBZ10 is a distortion and not overdrive! What's more nag!


I have used for a year and now, he retired to my room on my Peavey 65 W.
I had well liked on this amp c'tait price, less the CHRE competition or I bought it then that was not too bad, it was the prsence d a distortion rather bourrine (hehehe).
I tried a fender 15 W at a pal and a 15 W Berhinger with another which I think suprieurs in many ways (especially with its lovely fender overdrive)
I think the quality-price ratio is not so bad that the notes above the left imagine (Ha you see, I relativizes!)
With exprience, I admit not knowing if I would do such a choice, although this amp is not expensive at all ...
(In fact he just served my debut and I progress too quickly to keep a long time ...)