Moca Audio PIPE Classic
Moca Audio PIPE Classic

PIPE Classic, Portable Guitar Amp from Moca Audio.

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kats 03/05/2013

Moca Audio PIPE Classic : kats's user review

«  Cocorico! Super "made in France"! »

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2 amp delivers 15 watts on each HP. Requires a preamp if passive instrument.
Opportunity to ask when buying a stereo input.

One power button
12V power supply connector 1 = (+ ground) (via transformer 220V/12V = or 12V battery)
6.35 1 jack mono or stereo depending on demand.

Sobriety pure to 2kg.
Possibility of carrying system "live", but the strap brackets attached to the pipe vibrate if the belts are not used. I have fired.


I was looking for an amp to use "mobile" for a "marching band", bass and guitar.

This amp, complete with inverter and battery of a preamp is the job for the whole 3.5 kg.
Moca-Audio preamp Mojo advocates.
I am using an eq MXR M108 hand, who walks in 12V (negative mass, or the inverse of the pipe, attention). The M108 has a gain control input AND output volume, allowing the pipe to attack with the best, and whatever shape the sound the guitar used (in my case: Vigier Excalibur, Gibson ES175, 2 guitars and my favorite luthier Issoire, 1 nylon string electro-ac and 1 active low).

I also added in the chain Guitar Effects MXR M134 chorus and reverb TC nova, all under 12V. In jazz, it rolls the fire god. Well, after that it increases the weight and I have not solved the problem of portability of the complete system (belt or back brace?)


Excellent dynamics.
Surprising frequency response (low-acute balance gorgeous). My mp3 player plugged into the stereo model, it is almost like before a hi-fi! (Well, I pushed a little, OK ...)

I would not be ecstatic, but this achievement (French) is OUTSTANDING.

Used bass guitar or in a marching band rehearsal 10 zicos without battery (1 snare only): no problem.

I try this evening rehearsal jazz quintet (low-batt-sax-clarinet + bibi on guitar) with drummer tape a bit, and I'll post an edict.


Used for one good month.

Value terrible, because no competitor to my knowledge (and some time ago I'm looking for ...).

I am looking for faults ...

Reliability remains to be seen over time and during outdoor use ...

As the supplier, Marco de Moca-Audio, Super helpline, availability, and listening objectively true happiness.

I've redone this choice. I have 2 for my marching band: one for bass and one for guitar.

Go for it!