Roland M-Cube-RX
Roland M-Cube-RX

M-Cube-RX, Portable Guitar Amp from Roland in the Cube series.

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pipopopi101 07/31/2008

Roland M-Cube-RX : pipopopi101's user review


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This is known as a stereo amplifier modeling, delivering qques watts of power (but sounds louder compared to what one might think!), With a guitar input, a microphone, a headphone / recording and with classical effects qques very good bills (delay, chorus, reverb, ...). As for the trimmings, no-brainer: it's simple!

Parcontre something less conventional: this amp has a small drum offers a good range of styles (jazz, blues, rock, R & B, ...), configurable in tempo. This is very useful, and it changes the metronome, and ticking.

Just one small problem: no XLR output, but hey, you can use the output record.


As mentioned above, no-brainer to set this little beast.


I do not use that clear sound (simulation Roland Jazz Chorus) just to play with me without me tickle the ears and ears of others, with a Fender Start, a Gibson Les Paul and Ibanez RG100 (semi-hollow 70's ). Without wanting to advertise for excessive Roland, I can tell you that this little joker is stunning: the sound quality is definitely there. And reverb, that say, very beautiful and not invasive. In addition, it gives her little watts without complex 4 despite its small speakers. Well, it will not cover National Forest (for Belgium) or the Stade de France (France), it is not his goal, but to play at home, or with other soft version musicos, c ' is not bad at all.

As for the integrated drum machine, it sounds pretty good battery and non-tic-tic-boom-boom, so convenient to play in rhythm.

I play in the registry: blues - jazz, with a reverb set mid-term, a guitar tone was set mid-term and amp tone setting mid-term as well: nothing wrong, the Simut jazz chorus brings a very high quality sound. I do not know if it's true 100% with the original that I've never tried, but no matter: the sound is good, so it's ok for me. The distorted sounds, I do not use them.

The little creature accepts without flinching my 3 guitars by taking their signature sound properly clean.


To compare, I tried the little Line 6: I do not know why, it seemed colder, but hey, it's a matter of sensitivity with my own ears. This is certainly also a good product, like all Line 6 products (I have a small bass amp LowDown 110: it sounds this guy, and he also unabashedly, and, more importantly, when plugged into a sound via its XLR output, that mind-blowing). So I tried the little fender lamp, he completely naked view settings: the parcontre, I did not quite captured what he could bring. Know!

Expect to pay about 200 euros for it all. For me, it's worth its price.