Roland Micro Cube
Roland Micro Cube

Micro Cube, Portable Guitar Amp from Roland in the Cube series.

banbanthirion 03/19/2013

Roland Micro Cube : banbanthirion's user review

«  very convenient for travel »

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Although this tiny little thing is a concentrated position, she manages to stay more easy to use, no need manual.
Guitar plugged in, select the type of sound, you can add the sound effect, you can connect an mp3 or behind the laptop with backing tracks that you have carefully selected, to see a microphone.
It plugs into mains via a transformer, with 6 or R6 (20 hours autonomy seems you there).
In short, it is simple, comprehensive, very convenient.


The sounds are well done, with a little reverb it feels like an amp with a much greater range. Same volume mounted above, it may be necessary in a small room.

For distorted sounds, then we must recognize that all tube amp rack> € 2000 is much better. To be a teacher, we will summarize to "there is a saturated medium and a little more than average." Do not expect sound or Rammstein Bay Area ...

on the other hand, very little noise.


This little amp is very good to start a career as a guitarist electric, perfect for a bedroom, it will be an excellent companion for beef one night with friends.

For more seasoned guitarists, it is a great travel companion, in addition to a much more advanced configuration everyday. It is smaller than a pack of detergent, you can hop in and hide in the trunk going on tour, "oh Bonux gift!" you say to your dear and loving in discovering under his very eyes ...

It is very well his job for which it was designed = play in his room without waking the neighbors, and not be bothered traveling.