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yoTrakkz 10/11/2011

Vox AC1RV : yoTrakkz's user review

« great amp »

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The AC1 RV custom is a five star combo. The only 15 watt combo in production that can touch it IMHO is the Fender Princeton Reverb, which is Made in the USA, and costs 300 dollars more (actually the two amps make a great set for home and studio or playing small venues). If you want tone, and not a "kitchen sink" control panel, for this price, you cant beat it. VOX really nailed the look and sound this time. With vintage style Single coil pickups, the AC1 RV provides the true 1958 - 1963 JMI sound. With hotter single coil pickups or hum buckers this amp overdrives a lot smoother and easier than the original.


Through the TOP BOOST channel an MIM Standard Telecaster sounds very glassy and bright, and very lively. The notes pop and ring and you can hear every note in a chord. Just like an old original VOX amp. The same setting turned over halfway up, and using something like an SG, provides a compressed ,saturated,, crispy,- fried Overdrive sound .


The same rig with the channels jumped with an ABY box adds bottom, and low mids and even more harmonic complexity, Add good distortion pedal and you cant believe its a VOX anymore. This is a professional quality instrument, not a toy. At this price its an insane bargain.


The reverb has also been redone, and sounds fantastic. Tremelo is a nice feature for sure! Love the size, power, and tone of this amp. Vox has hit a home run with this one. My ONE gripe about it is the fact that it does not come with a footswitch, you have to purchase one...but that's it. Amazing amp, great price, try one, you will not be sorry. and new upgrade and design on the AC1 RV could not be better!