Apple iPod Touch 32 Go
Apple iPod Touch 32 Go

iPod Touch 32 Go, Portable MP3 Player from Apple in the iPod Touch series.

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tjon901 06/16/2011

Apple iPod Touch 32 Go : tjon901's user review

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The Ipod touch is one of the best music players you can get now adays. The 32gb version is the largest one you can get. Some casual music fans might not need 32 GB but back in the day 32GB was a normal size for music players. Apple has kind of herded people into using smaller capacity music players. The Zune I had before this was 32 GB and I thought that was normal sized. Even the Ipods that came before this you could get in like 60 and 80 GB. Compared to the Zune this has more features. . The Ipod touch has an external speaker which the Zune does not have. The interface of the Ipod is much more customizable than the Zune and this is even more so if you jailbreak your device. The Ipod has built in support for audio books as long as you get them from iTunes. The applications you can get on the Ipod make its usefulness next to unlimited. If you can think of it someone has made an application for it. On current devices you can run two applications at once but before when I had gotten mine you could not do this. You can do it if you jailbreak your device but it is very hard on battery life. One thing I wish the Ipod touch had is a volume jack on the top of the device. On the Zune the volume control is on the top of the device. I carry my mp3 player in the pocket of my pants so with the Ipod having the jack on the bottom of the device I have to keep the device upside down in my pocket. With the Zune I did not have to do this. The Ipod Touch is the best mp3 player you can get today. It is pretty much an Iphone without the phone part. One downside is the price. This Ipod is like 250 dollars. I only payed 200 for my Zune a few years earlier and it was the same size. You can get an iphone for nearly the price of this thing and its a phone too.