Schertler David Classic
Schertler David Classic

David Classic, Portable PA Speaker Cabinet from Schertler in the Classic series.

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phraseland 12/11/2008

Schertler David Classic : phraseland's user review


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This is a transistor amp for acoustic instruments. Scherlter is a company based in Switzerland and they have specialized in designing pickups and amplifiers.
The David is probably the most popular amplifier Schertler is building and is especially liked by classic guitarists. But it can also be seen in a lot of other applications (violin, mandonlin, etc.)
It has basically two channels (with EQ) and a built in nice sounding Spring Reverb.

Getting this amp to sound good is no chore. You can use the EQs to shape the sound quite nicely and the two inputs (mic and instrument) make it possible to use the built in pickup of an instrument along an external microphone.
The manual is very simple and very clear at the same time. Like other amps by Schertler you can also find a few product specific featurs on this one (i.e. 10V Phantom Power for their Dyn Pickups).

The sound is very clear and warm at the same time. When you play a classic guitar, violin, mandoling or something in a similar frequency range this amp is perfect. It doesn't weigh a lot and has a very good carrying handle.
If you are playing Cello or steelstring guitar then you might want to look into a bit more power (s. my review about the Schertler Unico). It's not that these would sound bad on the David and if you usually play quite gently I would still go check it out. But the Unico has more dynamic headroom and projects these instruments a bit more balanced.

I have known about these amps for about five years now and built quite a good customer base in the store I used to work at. They are not cheap but you won't regret spending the money as these amps seem built to last. Schertlers customer support is very good and they really care about the quality of their products.
If you are looking into buying an acoustic amp also check out AER (more expensive), SR Technologies (also very good) or Roland (cheaper but also doesn't sound as good).