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Portable PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Peavey Escort 2000

    Peavey Escort 2000 - "Peavey Escort 2000"


    After an exhausting investigation about this gear and its pros and cons, I finally got it yesterday. I got it in a downtown store in Mexico City, for $5400 pesos (about $570 US Dollars). As a Live performer (piano and vocals) in a Lobby Bar, I was …

  • Peavey Escort 2000

    Peavey Escort 2000 - "Peavey Escort 2000"


    I purchased this unit from Lanham Music in St. Joseph, MO to replace a Fender Passport 250 system. The purchase price was $529.00 PROS: 150 watts stereo power 5 channels: 4 w/ XLR lo-z jacks and 1/4" hi-z phone jacks. Channels 1 - 3…

Translated user reviews
  • Yamaha Stagepas 300

    Yamaha Stagepas 300 - " Bcp of affordable quality"


    Everything has been said or near this small sound that my taste does a very good taf and especially at the level of sound quality. I would still react to comment from the guy who left a star and a half because in the lighting, there has a little un…

  • Yamaha Stagepas 300

    Yamaha Stagepas 300 - " useful as a floor monitor"


    I use them for 6 years, they are very well as background music for a couple singer / guitar with very small gauge, in rehearsal, but I mostly use them onstage. They are compact and fairly lightweight, perfect complement stage monitors. After al…

  • Kustom Profile 200

    Kustom Profile 200 - " Not bad but just a bit"


    I took that sound to the base to amplify the song in my band kit. Initially just the lead vocals, and finally with 3 choirs. Before that we amplify the song with tears off through my Line 6 Spiderjam including a microphone input, built-in effects and…

  • Mac Mah Pro 302 Epoxy

    Mac Mah Pro 302 Epoxy - " Wholesale its premium!"


    Low that "tap" indestructible speakers and beautiful finish. while "eminences." Assure !!! …

  • SR Technology MON-X

    SR Technology MON-X - " very good tool !!"


    hello pro musician specialize in Irish music TRADD (so no celtic rock) instruments used is the fiddle accordion guitar ulian pipes flutes ex ... with a lot of static on stage we use the speakers for about 6 years and it works very satisfied sum…

  • Stentor PR 38

    Stentor PR 38 - " The sound of the time"


    This range speaker output Stentor I believe in 1987-88. Equipped with Audax and Beyma, it was the first series of professional speakers composite. The range consisted of a box at 46, at 38, a 3-way and 2-way as a Photo. It was very innovative for its…

  • LD Systems DAVE 8 Roadie

    LD Systems DAVE 8 Roadie - " Small but tough"


    I use Dave roady from 8 December 2013 I appreciate its compact maneuverability and simple but robust construction.; Having replaced the tissue racks dave XS 8 by metal grilles is a good thing and better protects HP. The system is distinguished by the…

  • LD Systems DAVE 8 Roadie

    LD Systems DAVE 8 Roadie - " What Else great product."


    Hello, Rating: 9/10 I'm not an avid writer. Already equipped with sound equipment (PRO) but in another area, I was looking for a compact system for animating small meetings kinds birthday, Garden Party ... inside and outside (the Paris regio…