dan29000 06/14/2012

Behringer B210D : dan29000's user review

«  a little better ... That a big serving that does nothing »

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when I had the box in the arms ... I did ... but ... they forgot to put the speaker in the box??? And no. It was indeed, in its case ... polystyrene ... DAMAGE! I say unfortunate because I found the speaker very aesthetic ... yes I'm the proud father of two "small speakers" passive Peavey ...: D I will get back earlier.
So once out of its plastic bag of waters, I hasten to plug the small mixer Behringer Xenyx 502 also. I say, but I bought 2 in fact. So the two connected ... bam I plug the chain on it .... and there ... uncapping assured. How such a tiny little thing out such a big sound!?
Well it's on, I had seen ... there are plenty of bass. So what? Must adjust the sound thats ALL! A PA is not an MP3 player, this is an art, a sensitivity and a matter of ear and settings! Anyway ... I tried them out right away .. yeah this is not the goal of keeping them warm ... and here I am amazed. Well it's on, they are 10 inches and the dispersion of sound is not exceptional. BUT THESE ARE 10 INCHES! We buy the equipment you need, knowing what you buy. So for nickel is 10 inches.
To use the first I had to do returns ... well I think I'll do much more. I try on a Saturday football ^ ^
Well I think I've been around. I'm really disappointed not to have invested in a small budget like that with the pleasure it gave me. I forgot to mention the weight compared to my Peavey Pro 15 .... It's on you do not play in the same court ... but hey 17 kg against the passive and active 8.5 with 80 or 100 watts of differences ... and more aesthetically, pro 15 ... well that's pretty big and not necessarily with his carpet .. . we like it or not after the manly side of the enclosure is on .. Ah yes. RETURN of the handle release stage, it's canon and superrrr practice ..... WHO WILL WIN?? Pro VS 15 B210D .... up to you to use your imagination! Good buy and that music thrives. "Without music, life would be a mistake" Nietzsche.